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Choosing a bookmaker’s office: legal or offshore

When bettors enter the market of sports betting, the first thing they wonder about is: what betting company to choose? Of course, one wants to deal only with reliable betting companies that do not limit or block accounts for no reason, honestly pay out winnings, and accrue bonuses.

Scores24 is a platform that features the most reputable bookmaker’s offices. They all have successfully withstood the tests of time. There are a huge number of positive reviews from real users about the work of these betting companies, which is the best guarantee of the bookmaker’s reliability.

In addition to the best betting sites, the Scores24 portal offers daily, up-to-date, and absolutely free sports predictions. Professional analysts publish recommendations on what type of bet to place on soccer, basketball, hockey, tennis, and a dozen other disciplines. Expert competence, as well as the reliability of bookmakers, is confirmed by a lot of positive feedback from real users.

Legal or illegal bookmaker’s office

One of the key criteria to group betting companies by is the jurisdiction that issued a license for their activities.

Legal companies

Countries with a strict legislative approach to gambling consider offshore bookmakers illegal. All bookmakers that want to operate within the country should obtain a license from the state authorities. Let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of legal betting companies using the example of Russia’s approach to bookmakers.

As to the Russian Federation, the offices operate under the license of the Federal Tax Service. In addition, activities are controlled by self-regulatory organizations (SROs), and all financial transactions (deposit and withdrawal of winnings) are processed through the Interactive Betting Transfers Centre (IBTC). As a result, the state has full control over the gambling market in the country.

The main advantage of this situation for bettors is the guaranteed protection of consumer rights. If bettors encounter the illegal actions of an offshore bookmaker, neither they nor the SRO with IBTC will have enough legal power to defend the rights of the deceived bettors. Such situations are not possible when betting in legal companies. The state will surely figure out who is right and who is guilty in a dispute between a bookmaker and the client. If an office is found guilty, it must compensate all the damages to the injured party. Otherwise, the state will cancel this company’s license.

Relatively high taxes are the disadvantages of legal bookmakers. Legitimate companies are subject to higher corporate income tax charges than illegal ones. As a consequence, legal bookmakers have to find ways to save money. First and foremost, bonus programs are affected. In order to find money to pay taxes, companies offer their customers not so many promotions and deals as their offshore competitors do.

Illegal companies

As for illegal bookmakers, their main drawback for bettors is obvious – the lack of legal force in disputes with the company. However, this fact does not mean that the bettor will be cheated sooner or later. The website Scores24 features offshore and other international offices that value their reputation. They never set the maximums unreasonably; do not limit and do not block the accounts of plus bettors.

Also, offshore companies can boast of a great variety of gaming assortment. For example, if we compare the international market with the Russian one, the latter has banned such gambling entertainments as roulette, poker, and other casino classics. As a consequence offshore companies have fewer competitors in this market. Their clients, on the other hand, are happy with the opportunity to play both with virtual slot machines and live dealers.

Offshore bookmakers have more diverse and profitable promotional offers. In this case, bonuses are received by both sports betting fans and casino fans. Customers are rewarded for registration, first deposit, active play, on holidays like birthdays and New Year, and even for being inactive. Extra bonuses are given to bettors who stopped coming to the office for whatever reason. The company, in turn, is trying to win them back with an opportunity to place a free bet.

Other advantages of offshore betting companies:

  • High odds and small margins. The difference with the legal bookmakers is hardly felt according to these indicators, but still, offshore bookmakers are a little ahead.
  • Betting exchange. Many international betting companies, especially British ones, have a platform for betting between users. The office simply provides a platform for the game, making a profit from customer winnings. The odds levels are managed by the bettors.
  • Payment tools. Offshore companies use a large number of payment tools, including bank transfers and cards, cryptocurrencies, electronic wallets, Internet banking, mobile operators, payment services, and even computer game accounts.

What to pay attention to when choosing a bookmaker

As mentioned above, there is no need to brand the office as unreliable if it has received a license to operate in a jurisdiction like Curacao. It is necessary to study the reviews of real users and a number of other criteria of a successful betting company, and only after that register with the office. Key factors include:

  • Odds and margins. Odds should not be understated in favor of the bookmaker, and the margin should not take the huge share of the bettor’s income.
  • Support service. The support service operators should have sufficient qualifications to help the bettors to find a way out of any unclear situation. Also, the ways to get feedback (e-mail, call the hotline, live chat, etc.) are important, as well as the waiting time for a response.
  • The number of promotional offers for newcomers and active users.

To have more practical experience in betting, it is recommended to check whether the bookmaker has developed a mobile app for Android and iOS gadgets.

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