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Is Solar Worth Buying? (The Answer Is Yes)

Each day, our sun emits about 174 quadrillion watts of energy. This kind of luminosity makes considering solar energy a no-brainer.

Stop stalling on solar power because this energy is worth buying. Keep reading to learn the details on why!

Reliable Energy Source

The star in our solar system formed about 4.6 billion years ago. According to science, not only will our sun likely last many more human lifetimes, but once it burns out, we will not need to worry about it being there because life on Earth will no longer exist.

This makes the sun an extremely reliable energy source. The wind may die down, water levels can fall, and fossil fuels will eventually dry up.

When this happens, people with solar will need to worry about what to do next. They can comfortably power on their favorite device to watch others panic on the nightly news.

Lower Long-Term Costs

Solar panel installation can cost quite a bit of money upfront. This sometimes scares people away.

Why call Blue Raven and switch energy to solar power when your infrastructure already supports another resource and therefore costs nothing?

You should pay the upfront costs because down the road, you will pay more if you don’t. Solar energy costs considerably less each month than natural gas, coal, or fossil fuel.

Incentives and Tax Breaks

The apparent cost of solar panel installation can deceive you. Government incentives and tax breaks will lower your costs.

The Federal Investment Tax Credit offers a credit of 22-26% of your installation fees, depending on when you got your pannels. The earlier you install, the bigger your credit. You may also qualify for cash incentives specific to your area, star rebates, and other tax exemptions.

With solar panels, you may produce more energy than you need. This results in payments to you from the energy company that owns the grid! Some companies also offer performance-based incentives.

Green Living

We should all seek to reduce the total amount of greenhouse gases we emit, also known as our carbon footprint. As carbon releases into the air, it bounces around the atmosphere, creating a greenhouse effect that raises the average temperature. This leads to rapid climate change and all of its consequences.

Plants absorb carbon and replace it with oxygen, but not enough to keep up with an industrialized world economy. Switching your home to solar energy reduces your carbon footprint significantly.

Fossil fuel combustion by-products include carbon dioxide, sulfur, nitrogen dioxide, nitric oxide, hydrocarbons, and several volatile organic compounds. This pollutes the air, waterways, and soil, affecting our health and the health of every living organism on our planet.

Going Solar Is Worth It!

Going solar is absolute with the effort to switch and the cost of the equipment. But, every year you wait, the less of a tax break you receive and the more pollution you contribute to our planet.

Technology changes so rapidly that it often proceeds the general population’s understanding. Learn more about solar technology and other advancements on our website!

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