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What Is CBD Distillate?

Did you that CBD products like Cannabis tinctures are becoming popular natural remedies for chronic pain and inflammation.

Alongside CBD tinctures are CBD distillates. A pure form of concentrated cannabis that is taking the marijuana industry by storm.

What is CBD distillate? Read our article to find out!

How to Extract CBD Distillate

The distillate extraction process begins with pure cannabis flowers. Cannabis flower buds can be chemically altered to extract their cannabinoids.

The basis of any CBD distillate is high-quality hemp flower. Be sure to source one hundred percent legally grown hemp flowers that abide by your local legislation.

The last thing you want is to get your CBD distillate confiscated by the authorities. Do your homework while you continue learning about the power of CBD distillate.

After you have sourced hemp, begin researching the kinds of solvents you would like to include in your experiment. Alcohol and glycerin are popular solvents that anyone can use to break down the structure of their cannabis easily and quickly.

Allow your cannabis flowers to soak in your solvent or up to an hour before you begin to extract the liquid. Be sure to mix and smell your tincture well so that all of the CBD becomes available to process into a distillate form.

CBD and Other Cannabinoids

CBD is one of the dozens of cannabinoids that are found on the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids can be extracted and ingested as isolated cannabis compounds.

THC is another prevalent cannabinoid found on the cannabis plant. THC is outlawed in many countries, states, and judicial systems across the globe.

It is possible to extract isolated versions of these compounds. Isolated cannabinoids can be further refined into products like distillate, oil, and isolated crystals.

CBN and CBG are other cannabinoids that are available in mixed distillate products. CBD distillate may carry trace amounts of other cannabinoids as well.

CBD distillate is roughly 80 percent CBD and 20 percent other cannabinoids. CBD distillate carries other cannabinoids like THC.

However, CBD distillate can be further refined to extract all of the THC from the chemical compound!

The Spectrum of Cannabis

You may have heard of full-spectrum and broad-spectrum cannabis products. Have you wondered what cannabis spectrums have to do with CBD distillate?

Spectrums refer to the level of refinement that your cannabis product has undergone to reach its final stage. Full-spectrum cannabis products will feature multiple cannabinoids and a wide range of potential health benefits. Broad-spectrum CBD products, however, will primarily contain CBD and only trace amounts of other cannabinoids.

Having multiple cannabinoids in one cannabis product can be extremely helpful. This is called the entourage effect. The entourage effect refers to the symbiosis achieved by numerous cannabinoids working together in one cannabis product.

Multiple cannabinoids are often layered together in certain distillates to enhance the healing potential for patients with severe pain or chronic inflammation.

CBD Oil: A Medicinal Tincture

CBD oil is a form of CBD distillate that can be directly ingested and easily flavored. CBD oil is comprised of CBD distillate and carrier oil.

This type of solution is often referred to as a medicinal tincture due to its numerous health benefits. CBD oil is often combined with carrier oils like coconut oil. Coconut oil is an ingredient that is easy to source.

Sourcing your own cannabis and carrier oils can help you quickly create CBD oil from the comfort of your home. However, it is essential to know that the amount of dried cannabis flower you use does not equal the amount of CBD oil you will be left with.

CBD oil requires many cannabis flowers to produce a CBD distillate combined with a carrier oil. Keep that in mind while crafting your medicinal tincture.

Distillates and Other CBD Products

There are a wide variety of other CBD products that involve CBD distillate. Distillates are one of the purest forms of cannabis.

It is a honey-like oil that can be combined with other oil to create therapeutic products for both internal and external use.

If you do not like to ingest cannabis, then do not worry. Creating a balm, oil, or tincture does not have to be stressful, complicated, or confusing!

External remedies that involve cannabis are excellent for target relief. CBD distillate can help you apply concentrated cannabis products to your sorest areas.

CBD is also available in various edible formats that list CBD distillate as one of their first ingredients.

Benefits of a CBD Tincture

A CBD tincture can be your new favorite home remedy if you can source your ingredients well.

The benefits of a CBD distillate tincture include being able to provide relief to chronic pain and inflammation. Another advantage is that you can legally source the ingredients to make this medicine yourself.

However, if you do not have the time or desire to craft this medicine for yourself, then consider investing in distillate for sale from a reputable online retailer.

Whether you get your CBD distillate from, you can look forward to its potent healing benefits.

What Is CBD Distillate: A New Medicine?

What is CBD distillate? It is your new favorite natural remedy. There are several ways to craft and source CBD distillate, so be prepared to do your research. Good luck!

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