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What Are A Few Interactive Maps You Can Use And Add Map?

For various websites, especially for online businesses, having a map proves to be a crucial tool to engage users. It might be overlooked, but a perfect map design can undoubtedly be a huge business asset. There are, thankfully, many tools out in the market that you can use to create interactive maps for different websites.

Why should you use an Interactive Map? 

There are many reasons why interactive maps can turn out to be a huge advantage over any other type. For instance, an interactive map permits the presence of direct interaction with the visitors. Any growth in interaction is incredibly vital for businesses with a huge reach geographically.

Once you add map to your life, they help to bring businesses and users closer, and hence the conversion of the visitor to a customer is very likely. It can also effectively respond to the requirements of a customer directly.

Examples of a few Interactive Maps 

Hereafter are a few good examples of map designs that cater to the specific requirements of various websites and help anticipate a user’s needs.

  • Dangerous Roads 

This project makes use of street view technology for creating maps of dangerous roads. It also utilizes a well-illustrated map on a single page. But the intention behind the entire project pertains to the topographical depiction of any data.

  • Fillory 

This map was designed to accompany the famous fantasy TV series, “The Magicians.” It also incorporates a fantasy and classic style of map design along with various interactive elements. Users can explore this map and click on objects and areas to learn more about every element effectively.

  • IntraHealth International 

This map uses a color-coded system overlaid on maps that showcases the countries IntraHealth has successfully created programs. It also shows other countries where they have worked. A user can choose a country to know more about the activities performed by IntraHealth there.

  • Radio Garden 

It is an addictive interactive form of map that makes use of a rotating globe as a base. A user can hover over many points on the globe to instantly listen to different radio stations worldwide.

  • Wellesley

The home page of this particular website features a dramatic world map that reinforces the website’s tagline. Rather than an interactive map, it makes use of an edited photo but has very similar effects.

  • Inside Asia Tours 

It is an interactive map of South East Asia incorporating vital information about different locations. It also uses a unique panoramic mode.

  • In Flight 

This map created by The Guardian marks the celebration of 100 years of passenger flight. This map collects historical as well as live data and then displays all of it on a map. As a result, it depicts every flight currently in the air, along with all its historical information.


It can indubitably be said that there are an endless amount of options when it comes to an interactive map. They prove to be an awesome resource and display of information for various businesses and industries. You can add map and discover everything happening around the world!

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