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5 Things to Do With Your Logo

Are you in love with the logo that you’ve come up with for your company? If you’re not, you should do everything in your power to change that ASAP.

You’re going to use your company’s logo for so many things over time. For example, you’re going to put your logo onto all of the different print marketing materials that you create.

Check out five things that you can do with your company logo when it comes to print marketing below.

1. Put It on Business Cards

Business cards might seem outdated to some people. But studies have shown that there are still 27 million business cards printed every single day!

If you’re going to go through the trouble of printing business cards for yourself, they should include your company logo on them. It’s one of the first reasons why you’ll need a great logo design.

2. Lead With It on Letterhead

If your company is always sending out emails, faxes, letters, and other forms of correspondence, you shouldn’t be shy about using your business logo right on your letterhead. It’ll let people who receive things from you know exactly who they’re from.

Putting your company logo on your letterhead will make it look so much more official than it would look otherwise.

3. Slap It on Stickers

If you’re looking for print marketing ideas that will really stand out, why not slap your logo onto a great promotional product like a bunch of stickers? You can hand them out to your customers to help build up some brand awareness.

It’s way easier to create a custom sticker with your company logo than you might realize. It’ll be well worth the effort that you put into it.

4. Use It on Brochures

Your company is likely going to be creating brochures all the time for one reason or another. Each and every brochure that you put together should have both your business name and your business logo on it.

You should also make sure your company’s brochures are high-quality and easy to read. It’ll make them every bit as effective as you need them to be.

5. Stick It on Thank You Cards

Saying “thank you!” to your customers is a great way to keep them coming back to your company over and over again. And what better way to say it than by sending your customers thank you cards?

You should make it clear that these cards are designed to say thank you. You should also feature your business logo on them prominently. It’s one more way to make the most of your logo.

There Are Tons of Ways to Incorporate Your Business Logo Into Your Print Marketing Campaigns

It’s impossible to launch a successful print marketing campaign without a great business logo. It’s why your company needs to have a logo design that looks amazing.

If you don’t have a fantastic business logo already, you should get on it now. You should also consider reworking your existing logo if you’re not satisfied with the way it looks.

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