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Black Diamond Meaning: The Rock Hard Facts You Need to Know

With their depth and strong color, they add drama to any jewelry piece while making the wearer seem more elegant and mystifying.

In addition to their beautiful color, black diamonds have several meanings for the wearer that differ from the associations of typical colorless diamonds.

Curious about understanding the unique black diamond meaning? Continue reading to learn about what makes this gem so alluring.

What Are Black Diamonds?

Black diamonds are special colored diamonds that fall into the same category as pink, blue, and yellow diamonds. Diamonds are colored based on the minerals they’re exposed to in their formation.

For example, blue diamonds are formed when a diamond is exposed to Boron. A diamond will reach a black color when it has a lot of black minerals within it like graphite, pyrite, or hematite. Black diamonds may even look brown, dark green, or gray based on the minerals present.

Black diamonds are one of the most unique diamonds in terms of their appearance. White and colored diamonds are transparent, giving them brilliance. Meanwhile, black diamonds are opaque. They have a captivating shine.

Because of their qualities, diamonds can’t be graded by diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat. They can receive grades and carat weights, but they don’t have color or cut grades.

So, black diamonds won’t come with the same type of grading report that colored diamonds would come with. Instead, they’ll come with a note that discusses its qualities like color. This report is classified by GIA as the Colored Diamond Identification and Origin Report.

How Common Are Black Diamonds?

Like other types of color diamonds, black diamonds are quite rare. They are much rarer than colorless diamonds because of their mineral formation.

However black diamonds are much less expensive than colorless diamonds. This is because colorless diamonds are higher in demand, so miners and jewelers charge more for them.

What Is The History Of Black Diamonds

Diamonds have always been considered to be a sign of wealth and power. Some cultures even say that diamonds have divine origins. Diamonds have been important symbols in ancient cultures ranging from the ancient Egyptians to the Greeks.

Meanwhile, in Medieval times, diamonds were used as treatment for the wealthy class. A diamond jewelry necklaces was believed to ward off demons and evil spirits. Many people believed that ingesting diamonds would heal your wounds or help you recover from illness.

Most of the the time, we’re thinking about colorless diamonds when we think about diamonds in literature.

However, black diamonds are the same mineral as all other colors of diamonds. The main difference is that they formed in different locations, typically in Central Africa and Brazil.

What Does A Black Diamond Mean?

Like many gemstones, black diamonds have different meanings and uses. Below we discuss their spiritual, emotional, and wellness meanings.


Diamonds have traditionally had a positive meaning for spirituality. However, black diamonds have a somewhat mixed meaning.

Some ancient cultures saw black diamonds as a perfect protection from evil. They were used to “cleanse” evil spirits.

However, other cultures believed in cursed black diamonds. There was a rough black diamond in India that was stolen from its statue. It was cut into three stones, including the famous Eye of Brahma – and all three of its owners ultimately met their deaths.


Black diamonds have a strong emotional meaning. They represent inner strength and rustic. They help to soothe jealous feelings and add strength to a relationship, which may be why they’re a good choice for engagement rings.


Diamonds have had a strong tie to wellness for most of their history. Black diamonds were used in crystal healing and used to amplify the effects of other stones. Black diamonds also have been a longtime symbol of love, which is one of the most important parts of human wellness.

Black Diamond FAQs

Now that you know a bit more about black diamonds and their history, you may have some questions about buying one for yourself. Here are some of the most common FAQs about black diamonds.

Are Black Diamond Engagement Rings Popular?

Black diamond engagement rings are definitely a more rare choice, but they have become more popular. Carrie from Sex in the City’s black diamond engagement ring brought the beautiful gem to the public’s attention.

You can view black diamond engagement rings here: https://www.blackdiamondsnewyork.com/collections/designer-rings.

Is A Black Diamond a Carbonado?

You may have heard the Portuguese term Carbonado to describe black diamonds. While it is another name for black diamond, it’s usually to describe a specific type of black diamond.

Carbonado refers to polycrystalline black diamonds that are used for industrial purposes. Black diamond usually talks about jewelry black diamonds.

Are Black Diamonds Heat-Treated?

The majority of black diamonds today have been treated to lead to their coloring. Many black diamonds in jewelry stores had a grey color before their treatment induced an even black color.

Heat treatment is so common because natural black diamonds with even coloring are very expensive and hard to find.

Should You Choose A Black Diamond?

Black diamonds are great for those who are considered a bold jewelry choice. While traditional colorless diamonds are beautiful and will always be in style, black diamonds add a dramatic effect to any look.

If you want to be different from the popular diamond choices while still having an air of elegance, black diamonds will give you that unique yet polished look.

Unlocking Black Diamond Meaning

It’s important to know about the history and meaning behind any gem you buy. Understanding the black diamond meaning will allow you to buy a black diamond with the right intentions for you or your loved one.

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