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What To Know About Data Preparation And Curation

Data preparation is a process by which raw data is processed before it can be used for business purposes. It involves cleansing, smoothing, and transforming data. Data preparation can be done using any number of different methods, including data curation. This article will discuss some of these methods. Choosing the right approach for your business is crucial.

Data curation

The process of data preparation and curation involves the conversion of data into different formats. This process is commonly required when a company needs to migrate to a new system. Data curators must convert documents containing information into an appropriate format before the new system can use them.

Data transformation

Data transformation is the process of changing the data in a certain format and using it to improve the accuracy and usability of the analysis. Data transformation can include removing duplicates, missing values, or inconsistencies in data, as well as joining data from multiple sources. It also involves generating a code that enables the transformation to run and check for data quality.

Data cleansing

Performing data cleansing is a critical step before preparing data for analysis. It ensures that the most recent files and important documents are available. It also ensures that the files don’t contain any personal information. This is important since personal information can pose a serious security risk. Many organizations and businesses hold large amounts of personal information. By performing data cleansing, businesses can ensure that this information is kept safe and organized for analysis.

Data smoothing

Data smoothing is the process of eliminating noise from data sets to help determine trends and patterns. It is a useful tool for both statisticians and traders. For example, smoothing a one-year stock chart can reduce the number of high and low data points and generate a smoother curve that can be used to predict future performance.

Data governance

Data preparation and data governance is an important part of data management. This involves ensuring that the data is clean, complete, and consistent before being used in analytics and other processes. The process can take a significant amount of time, and can slow down the performance of organizational functions. Talend Data Fabric can help eliminate these data silos and enable faster access to usable data. Its machine learning and data quality automation features help ensure high-quality data.


Data preparation and data storage must be funded adequately to encourage the reuse and sharing of research data. However, many researchers are not willing to share their data for fear of misinterpretation or a decrease in the number of published papers. This problem can be mitigated by developing policies and systems that ensure fair and sustainable funding of data preparation and storage.

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