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What Are the Benefits of Social Media for Businesses?

Around 71% of businesses use social media for marketing purposes and 52% post daily, which shows how essential it is.

Building your social media platform is key for growing your business, solidifying yourself as an industry expert, and reaching your target audience. But there are lesser-known benefits you may have overlooked. Perhaps you’re on the fence about growing your social media channels and you’re looking for inspiration.

Sounds like you? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place. Here are the main benefits of social media.

Boosts Brand Awareness

A major advantage of social media platforms is they let you boost brand awareness. The only way to cut through the noise and become credible is by creating a strong brand identity.

Social media lets you create a consistent unified look where you write in your brand’s voice and use the same logo and colors to create an authentic online presence. When you commit to building your audience, prospects will instantly recognize you, which increases the chances of them buying your products.

Humanizes Your Brand

When businesses start using social media, they become more human to consumers. A brand’s goal is to make strong connections with its audiences and prove they care. So join conversations with your followers or have a Q&A session on Instagram as it shows you’re authentic and want to add value to your customers’ lives.

Lets You Provide Stellar Customer Service

One of the top social media benefits is you can connect with customers around-the-clock. Nearly 95% of consumers believe customer care is vital to making them loyal clients, which means companies must prioritize it to stand out from their competitors.

Thanks to social media, consumers can directly connect with brands and speak with an agent promptly. Or, if this isn’t realistic for your business, use a chatbot to deal with basic queries in a timely fashion.

Increases Web Traffic

Whether your brand is using Instagram or TikTok, both increase website traffic. You can’t fully express your business’s personality on a website, which is why building a social media page is crucial as it strengthens your relationship. But once you gain a following and include your site’s address in your bio, you’ll see a huge spike in web traffic and potential sales.

Lets Businesses Share Company Updates

Brands can also use social media as their own PR company. It’s a great way to share your latest product lunch or an upcoming event to get your customers excited. Plus, when you prioritize good design and a catchy caption, you’ll gain interest from new audiences.

Boosts Customer Engagement

One of the top benefits of Instagram and other social media platforms is it boosts customer engagement. You can create valuable content and tailor it towards your target audience as it helps build brand loyalty and prove you’re credible.

If you’re not sure how to stand out on Instagram, host regular giveaways where you gift freebies to a random follower who has tagged several friends in the comment section. This is a great way to further your reach and raise awareness of your brand without lifting a finger.

Builds a Community

Successful brands understand the power of community and how it becomes the lifeblood of their business. Because of this, avoid constantly pushing your products onto your audience and instead, focus on building a community.

Curate posts that benefit your audience and upload regularly as it will keep your audience engaged. And don’t forget to reply to questions and comments, even the negative ones, as it shows you care about your followers.

Helps Businesses Conduct Competitor Research

Brands should also use social media to conduct competitor research.

You should search your competitor’s name to see what customers are saying about the business and if they reveal any pain points. Then, use this information to your advantage such as releasing an improved version of the product or building content around it. Plus, this helps you stay on top of industry trends and become the most innovative brand in your sector.

Drives Sales

Another perk of using social media is it drives sales. Whether you’re selling directly on the platform or your website, posting great product photos and publishing great content will encourage prospects to invest in you. You can also use Facebook or Instagram ads to reach new consumers and generate leads.

Lets You Network

Social media lets brands connect with new people, which can boost your business. For instance, join a local Facebook group where you can connect with prospects and explain how your business benefits them. You could also reach out to influencers and arrange a marketing campaign so you can tap into their audience, hopefully driving sales.

Establishes You as an Industry Expert

Using your brand’s voice, make sure you share opinions on any popular or breaking news so you stay in the conversation.

You should also connect with other industry leaders and work together as it proves you’re both experts in your field. As a result, more prospects will engage with your brand, which will help you cultivate a following.

Learn the Benefits of Social Media Today

Hopefully, after reading this article, you now know the benefits of social media.

There are many perks such as letting you boost brand awareness, build a network, and humanize your brand. Your business should also use social media so you can provide stellar customer support and stay engaged with your customers. What’s not to love?

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