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9 Tips for Caring for Indoor Plants: How to Keep Your Houseplants Alive

If you’re like me, you love having plants in your home. Not only do they brighten up the space, but they also improve air quality. However, keeping plants alive can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a green thumb. This blog post will discuss nine tips for caring for happy plants indoors {plantes heureuse à l’intérieur} and how to keep them alive!

Nine Tips for Caring for Indoor Plants

If you love having plants in your home but are struggling to keep them alive, these nine tips will help you!

  1. Don’t overwater your plants. Most houseplants do well with moderate watering, but over-watering can kill them quickly. Check the soil before watering and make sure it is dry to the touch before watering again.
  2. Give your plants plenty of light. Most houseplants need bright light to thrive, so place them near a window or use a grow light if they don’t get enough natural light.
  3. Fertilize your plants regularly. Houseplants need fertilizer to stay healthy, especially if they aren’t getting enough light or water. Use a balanced fertilizer specifically for houseplants and follow the directions on the package.
  4. Repot your plants when they start to grow too large for their pot. Repotting is necessary when the plant has outgrown its current pot and needs more growing space. Be sure to use a pot one size larger than the original pot and use fresh potting soil when repotting.
  5. Prune your plants regularly. Dead leaves and branches not only make your plants look unattractive, but they also can harbor pests and diseases. Prune your plants regularly to keep them looking neat and healthy.
  6. Watch for pests and diseases. Pests and diseases are common in houseplants, so they must watch for them and take action if necessary. Common pests include aphids, spider mites, and mealybugs, while common diseases include root rot and powdery mildew.
  7. Keep your plants in their correct temperature range. Most houseplants prefer cool temperatures (between 50-75 degrees Fahrenheit), so don’t place them near heat sources like radiators or windows in direct sunlight.
  8. Water your plants with room-temperature water. Watering your plants cold can shock them and cause problems like root rot. Room-temperature water is best for keeping your plants healthy.
  9. Use a humidity tray to increase humidity levels for tropical plants or those that prefer high humidity levels (like ferns). A humidity tray is a tray filled with water that you put your plants on top of so that the water can evaporate and increase the humidity levels around the plant.


By following these tips, you will be well on your way to successfully keeping your houseplants alive and healthy! Do you have any other tips for caring for indoor plants? Share them with us in the comments below!

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